Uncompromising Quality

Our towels are hand-loomed with 100% first-harvest organic Bergama cotton using 17th century traditional weaving processes. Sourced from the Aegean Sea Valley, this is the finest quality cotton available worldwide.

Master weavers employ traditional Turkish methods that date back more than four hundred years, weaving our towels on jacquard looms. Yarn is infused with its unique colors by traditional artisans using natural, color-fast dyes, making it both organic and eco-friendly. The absorbent luxury of our towels is unmatched the world over and is sought after by some of the most exclusive retailers and hoteliers around the world. Our double-twisted loop design combined with our towels’ 1,200 gram weight and superior materials and craftsmanship make them the highest quality towels available the world over. We use proprietary looms, designed solely for our factory, based on centuries-old traditional Turkish hand-looms, allowing for the unique hand-knotting techniques that are exclusive to Turkish Towel Collection. The organic Turkish cotton is incomparable in terms of softness and purity and, sized generously for comfort, the towels maintain a luxurious feel after 100s of washes.

Founded by Selin Aykiran in 1995, the Turkish Towel Collection is widely recognized as an industry leader, with awards from the New York Home and Textile shows for Best New Product and Design. Our superior quality towels are exported worldwide to well-known retailers, hotels and boutiques in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Our website is currently being renovated. Please use the contact form on this page to make specific inquiries or email us directly at info@turkishtowelcollection.com.


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