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Wholesale Information

When you finish taking a shower or a bath, you do not want just any towel to help dry you off. While many towels are coarse and rough on your skin, you can experience a whole new level of comfort with Turkish bath towels. Whether you want to purchase a towel for your family, friends, or yourself, buy yours from TTC Home today.

At TTC Home, we proudly have wholesale hotel Turkish bath towels for sale. With various styles and colors, one of our bath towels is sure to brighten any bathroom and last for years to come. Our towels are incomparable to any standard towel made from high-speed machines.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Hotel Turkish Bath Towels?

Towel weaving is an art that allows any individual to experience a high-level product once the process is complete. Although labor intensive, you cannot dismiss the unique and beautiful features weaving towels has to offer.

Made with high-quality Turkish cotton, the durability of these towels increases with time. Turkish cotton also becomes fluffier, softer, and more absorbent over time, even with successive washings. With every use, you are sure to love your towels more.

Why Should You Choose TTC Home?

At TTC Home, we are dedicated to intentional designs and productions with every towel we craft. Working with a number of master weavers to produce our towels, you can rest assured that care and intentionality are in every stitch.

With a rich history in the textile world, you will be confident that no one can duplicate the feeling of our towels. You deserve a towel that is crafted the way you deserve.

For more information on our hotel Turkish bath towels, contact us today through our contact page. We would love to provide you with a quality product that will stand the test of time.