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People who are searching for luxurious, soft Turkish towels can stop now. Turkish Towel Collection is proud to offer the most authentic, softest Turkish towels in the world! See for yourself at

Operated by owner Selim Aykiran, Turkish Towel Collection has been in business for years and makes the best Turkish towels that you’ve been dreaming of. Please keep reading to find out more about our offerings.

Why Do YOU Have The Best Turkish Towels?

We understand: Many websites might say that their products are the best. However, we make our best Turkish towels from carefully selected, organic Bergama cotton. All of our towels are made with original cotton weaving processes that go back to the 1600s.

Each beautiful towel is handmade by our Bursa, Turkey, weavers who are experts at their craft.

What Turkish towel imitators don’t tell you is the real product is only made in Bursa with these time-tested techniques. If you purchase any other towel that is made anywhere else by any other method, they aren’t real.

Each towel from our factor features four-ply loops for every fabric inch, for a total of 1,250. So, our products are the biggest, softest and most water absorbent. After you wash one of these towels, you’ll be surrounded by soft goodness every time you leave the shower. People who want to spoil themselves buy our towels!

Essential Care Tips For Your New Towels

 We’re so happy that you’re interested in our authentic towels! But before you make your purchase, please remember how to care for them so they last for years:

  • When you take your towels from the package, wash them right away before you forget. Every Turkish Towel Collection product needs to be washed before use. This important step ensures that the towel is as water absorbent as possible for years. We also recommend soaking your towels in cold water when you go to bed. This makes them absorb even more water.
  • When you first wash the towels, use the gentle cycle on your washer, please. And we recommend to air dry them with your electric dryer. Or, just hang them outside!

What Else About Turkish Towels?

 Real Turkish towels measure 110 cm by 90 cm. The amazing absorbency and high-quality dates from the Ottoman empire. The Ottomans melded impeccable design, weaving, and style in the towels, all brought to life by their skilled 17th century weavers.

These towels are popular in the 21st century because they are so carefully handmade. Every one of our weavers can make just a handful per day. The results speak for themselves!


Check Our Selection at Now!

 Our customers are enthralled by our absorbent, soft towels. You are in for a treat when you step from your bath and shower. Please order some of our Turkish towels now!

The texture of Life

eloquently expressed through our textiles

Luxury you can enjoy


Made the traditional way

Turkey is a country known for it’s rich textile heritage. The history of textile production in Turkey goes back to the Ottoman period. In the 16th and 17th centuries, textile production was widespread and at an advanced level. The towel would still have been the drab piece of bath accessory if the Ottomans did not intercede. They brought style, design and innovative weaving skills to the trade by applying similar techniques and artistry applied in regional carpet weaving. Turkish woven towels are unique as a result of the extra-warp loop pile in their 2/2 - twill weave. This translates to longer loops - or "pile" - that increases the 'fluffines' and the absorbency of the towels. This construction now defines a towel as we know it today.

The Original Towel

The towels we use all over the world actually were first woven in modern day Bursa in the 18th century. This is where our factory is and where our master weavers live and work. We are proud to maintain this living art both for our workers and to bring this special product to you.


We manufacture the Turkish Towel Collection from Organic Bergama cotton. This cotton is grown in the Agean region known for it’s rich soils and minerals. Turkish cotton is of the highest quality because of the quality of the soil, sun and the agricultural practices of Turkish farmers over generations, yielding long staple (fiber) cotton which increases durability and drape. Bergama Organic cotton embodies the same high quality fiber with the added benefit of organic farming practices, enhancing soil and worker safety. The result is a smoother, longer and more durable and supple fiber. Turkish cotton becomes softer, fluffier, and more absorbent over time and with successive washings. This is why we ask you to wash your towels 2-3 times before using them. Your towels will last for a very long time without diminishing their performance or feel.


Further enhancing our product is the fact that our towels are woven by hand and not made on high speed machinery. While this perserves the craft of towel-making, this also enables the optimal performance of the cotton fiber. Fewer chemicals and controls are required when hand-loomed. Most of our customers tell us that they can’t go back to using a “regular” towel once they use our towels. They will spoil you with their absorbency and drape; they will be the softest and loftiest towels you can experience. We manufacture to generous European sizing for a range of end-uses. Why not treat yourself to simple luxury and beauty you can have everyday?