Made the traditional way

Turkey is a country known for it’s rich textile heritage. The history of textile production in Turkey goes back to the Ottoman period. In the 16th and 17th centuries, textile production was widespread and at an advanced level. The towel would still have been the drab piece of bath accessory if the Ottomans did not intercede. They brought style, design and innovative weaving skills to the trade by applying similar techniques and artistry applied in regional carpet weaving. Turkish woven towels are unique as a result of the extra-warp loop pile in their 2/2 - twill weave. This translates to longer loops - or "pile" - that increases the 'fluffines' and the absorbency of the towels. This construction now defines a towel as we know it today.

The Highest Form of Art Comes to Life

Only first harvest 100% Organic Bergama Cotton from the Aegean Sea Region are used to produce our unique towels. Enhance Your Bathing Experience with 17th Century Traditionally Hand Loomed Works of Art.

Discover the Luxury Comfort

Exclusively produced by Turkish Towel Collection® for your comfort. We hand loom and yarn dye our cotton to provide you with the best quality and design for the ultimate luxury experience.

Pure Elegance

These towels are made using the finest organic cotton produced in Turkey and manufactured in our own factory in Bursa, using traditional methods of Turkish towel making of four hundred years.


We manufacture the Turkish Towel Collection from Organic Bergama cotton. This cotton is grown in the Agean region known for it’s rich soils and minerals. Turkish cotton is of the highest quality because of the quality of the soil, sun and the agricultural practices of Turkish farmers over generations, yielding long staple (fiber) cotton which increases durability and drape. Bergama Organic cotton embodies the same high quality fiber with the added benefit of organic farming practices, enhancing soil and worker safety. The result is a smoother, longer and more durable and supple fiber. Turkish cotton becomes softer, fluffier, and more absorbent over time and with successive washings. This is why we ask you to wash your towels 2-3 times before using them. Your towels will last for a very long time without diminishing their performance or feel.