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How to Roll Towels Like a Hotel Spa

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Towels have been around for centuries, and their importance in our daily lives cannot be overstated. From drying ourselves after a bath or shower to cleaning up messes, towels are an essential part of our lives. However, have you ever wondered why the towels in luxury hotels always look so perfect? Well, the secret to achieving that perfect look is in the way the towels are rolled.

In this post, we will show you how to roll towels like a hotel spa, step-by-step, and provide tips on how to ensure they stay tightly rolled and perfectly stacked.

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Step 1: Fold the Towel in Thirds

Start by laying the towel flat on a surface, with the short end facing you. Fold the bottom third of the towel up, and then fold the top third down so that it overlaps the bottom third. This way, you'll have a long, narrow rectangle. Make sure both ends of the towel are straight and even.

Step 2: Roll the Towel

Starting at one end, tightly roll the towel up towards the other end. As you roll, make sure the edges are straight and the towel is tight. When you get to the end, tuck the loose end into the roll to secure it. If the towel is not tight enough, it won't hold its shape, so roll it tightly.

Step 3: Stack the Towels

Once you've rolled all of your towels, it's time to stack them. To create the perfect stack, make sure the towels are all rolled tightly and are the same size. Then, stack them in a neat pile, making sure the edges are lined up. This way, the stack will look neat and tidy.

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Tips for Perfectly Rolled Towels

  • Make sure the towel is evenly folded in thirds before you start rolling it. This will help ensure your towel is straight and even.
  • Roll the towel tightly to ensure it keeps its shape.
  • Tuck the loose end of the towel into the roll to secure it.
  • Stack the towels with the edges lined up for a neat and tidy finish.

Why Roll Your Towels Like a Hotel Spa?

You might be wondering why you should bother rolling your towels like a hotel spa. Well, there are a few reasons why this technique is worth the effort.

Firstly, rolled towels take up less space than folded towels, making them ideal for small bathrooms or storage spaces.

Secondly, rolled towels are more hygienic than folded towels. When towels are folded, moisture can get trapped in the folds, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Rolled towels, on the other hand, allow air to circulate around the towel, keeping it drier and less likely to harbor bacteria.

Finally, rolled towels just look nicer. They give your bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel, and they're a small detail that can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

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How to Roll Different Types of Towels

Rolling towels isn't only reserved for bath towels. You can also roll hand towels and washcloths to give your bathroom a cohesive look.

Hand Towels

To roll hand towels like a hotel spa, start by folding the towel in half lengthwise. Then, fold it in half again so that it's a long, narrow rectangle. From there, follow the same steps as you would for rolling a bath towel.


Washcloths are even easier to roll than hand towels. Simply fold the washcloth in half diagonally to form a triangle. Roll the washcloth from the longest side towards the point of the triangle. Tuck in the loose end, and you're done!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Roll Towels

Q: How do I make sure my towels stay rolled?

A: To ensure your towels stay tightly rolled, make sure you roll them tightly from end-to-end. Tuck the loose end of the towel into the roll to secure it.

Q: What if my towels are not the same size?

A: If your towels are not the same size, try to match them as closely as possible when rolling and stacking them. If necessary, adjust the size of the towel by folding it before rolling it.

Q: Can I roll towels with embroidery or patterns?

A: Yes, you can still roll towels with embroidery or patterns. Just make sure to roll them tightly and stack them with the edges lined up to create a neat and tidy finish.


Rolling towels like a hotel spa is a small detail that can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. With a little practice, you'll be able to roll towels like a pro in no time. So, give it a try, and you'll see for yourself how much of a difference it can make.


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