Fume Ombre Eponj
Fume Ombre Eponj
Fume Ombre Eponj
Fume Ombre Eponj
Fume Ombre Eponj

Fume Ombre Eponj

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Experience the sheer beauty of Turkish craftsmanship with our Fume Ombre Eponj collection, woven from 70% Degrade Linen and 30% Bergama Turkish Cotton. Eponj, a term denoting a touch of sophistication, characterizes our collection that's hand-loomed to perfection.

Our Fume Ombre Eponj Bath Towel is generously sized at 30"x60". It's crafted to envelop you in a cozy post-bath warmth. The 20"x35" Hand Towel adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom, while the 16"x16" Guest Towel ensures your guests experience unrivaled luxury.

Fume hues gracefully transition into enchanting ombre effects, reminiscent of the beautiful Turkish sunsets. The careful intertwining of colors speaks volumes about the meticulous process of hand looming. Upgrade to Fume Ombre Eponj, and let your towels narrate their own story.

Material: 70% Degrade Linen / 30% Bergama Turkish Cotton.
Sizes: Bath Towel 30"x60", Hand Towel 20"x35", Guest Towel 16"x16"                            Three piece set includes: Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Guest Towel


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